Necklace Chain [ Style B ] Silver

Necklace Chain [ Style B ] Silver

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☆Hawaiian Silver Jewelry☆

Beautiful Hawaiian Jewelry pieces are a great choice for a gift☆
Hawaiian jewelry is a traditional type of jewelry that was worn by the monarchs of the Kingdom of Hawaii.
Each engraving can have a special meaning and is passed down through the generations.
Pick out a piece for that special someone!

□ Pair with your favorite pendant piece to create a custom necklace!
□ A spring ring clasp.

□ Chain Length: Approx. 41 cm
□ Clasp Size: Approx. 1 cm

【Please be Aware】
□ To reduce tarnishing please keep your jewelry dry.
We do recommend wiping your jewelry with a soft towel after wear, and storing in a jewelry box to help reduce tarnishing.
□ No one piece will be identical to another. Please be aware that there can be minor differences in each item.

*This item CANNOT be returned or exchanged.

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