Kukui Lei [ Yellow Mongo Shell with Flower ] Brown

Kukui Lei [ Yellow Mongo Shell with Flower ] Brown

  • $12.00

☆Kukui Accessories☆

Beautiful Kukui Accessories
A must have for a Hula dance costume. Choose from different designs of natural, real kukui accessories.
Choose from our selection of natural kukui accessories and enjoy! Match with our other kukui leis, chokers, and bracelets to create your own Hawaiian look ☆

□  Real Kukui Nuts☆
Popular for different occasions, like weddings, parties, and of course, hula performances. All kukui accessories are handmade with care.

□ The ribbon color is chosen to match the color of the kukui lei/choker. Length can be adjusted by tying the ribbon longer or shorter.


□ MATERIALS: Kukui Nuts and Mongo Shells
□ LENGTH: 85~90 cm

【Please be Aware】
□ All shells and kukui nuts are real, please handle with care.
□ All items are made with natural shells and kukui nuts, no one piece will be identical to another. Please be aware that there will be minor differences in each item for this reason.
□ Depending on the screen and brightness, the coloring of the item can look different. We do our best to recreate the actual coloring of the item.
□ The item is handmade, and can have small differences in sizing from the written sizing above. The pattern and coloring of the shell and kukui nuts can also differ from the picture.

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