Kitchen Set [ Life is Sweet ]

Kitchen Set [ Life is Sweet ]

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☆Hawaiian Style Kitchen Set☆

Vibrant with a tropical print design, these kitchen sets are sure to brighten any household kitchen. Perfect for everyday use in the kitchen or the next backyard barbeque, these Kitchen Sets are sure to add a splash of tropical flair to meal preparation. A 3 piece set set of an oven mitt, pot holder, and dish towel. 

□ 100% COTTON

□ OVEN MITT: 7 W x 12 H in (Approx. 17.8 W x 30.5 H cm)
□ POT HOLDER: 8 W x 8 H in (Approx. 20.3 W x 20.3 H cm)
□ DISH TOWEL: 15.5 W x 25.5 H in (Approx. 39.4 W x 64.8 H cm)

【Please be Advised】
※ If you would like to order more than the available quantity, please let us know! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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