Hula Instrument [ 'Uli'Uli ] Non-Detachable Type

Hula Instrument [ 'Uli'Uli ] Non-Detachable Type

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☆'Uli'uli Instruments☆

The traditional Hawaiian instrument, 'Uli'uli☆ From a famous maker, "Aloha Hula Supply"
The 'Uli'uli is used as a maracas type of instrument that is not only shaken while dancing, but also by hitting it against your thighs. 
We have 2 types of 'Uli'uli's available, a detachable and non-detachable type.

A gourd is used for the bottom of the 'Uli'uli's maracas. The feather colors are traditionally red and yellow, the colors of an Ali'i, but other colors can be made.
Please inquire about other cap colors, or for bulk orders.

□ S Size: 23cm~24cm (For kids up to 7 years old)
□ M Size: 27cm~28cm (Regular size for adults)
□ L Size: 32cm~33cm
※ This is a non-detachable type of 'Uli'uli, the feather cap and maracas gourds DO NOT detach from each other.

【Please be Aware】
□ 'Uli'uli's are fragile, please handle with care.
□ The item is handmade, and can have small differences in sizing from the written sizing above. The pattern and coloring of the feather caps and gourd rattles can also differ from the picture.
□ We do NOT accept exchanges or returns on 'Uli'uli's unless it was damaged upon arrival.
Shape and coloring can differ from the sizing above, due to 'Uli'uli's being made from natural products. We will try our best to send 'Uli'uli's that are similar in coloring and size when more than 1 is ordered.

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