Hawaiian Rayon Middle-Long Tank Dress [ Ceres ] Green

Hawaiian Rayon Middle-Long Tank Dress [ Ceres ] Green

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Rayon Middle-Long Tank Dress

A popular style of Muumuu dress for Hula performances and tropical wedding attire☆
With a variety of vibrant Hawaiian prints you're bound to find one to your liking♪
Shipped straight from Hawaii to you♪

□ The smooth 100% Rayon material Hawaiian Middle-Long Tank Dress. This elegantly designed dress is a very popular choice!

□ A scoop neck dress, with a princess style line. With a ribbon attached to the waist, you can choose to wear the dress loosely or tightly. Zipper on the back of dress for easy wear.

□ We also carry Men's Aloha Shirts and Kid's wear in the same design☆



Size Bust Hip Length
XS 83.82 89 119
S 86 94 122
M 91 99 127
L 96.5 104 127
XL 101.6 109 129.5

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