Hawaiian Fringe Skirt [ LONG Fringe Skirt / MORE ] 14 Colors

Hawaiian Fringe Skirt [ LONG Fringe Skirt / MORE ] 14 Colors

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♪ Fringe Skirt ♪

Handmade in Hawaii by professionals☆ Volume, color, and quality are the best, sent directly from Hawaii.
Fringe Skirt, or the MORE skirt is made with natural materials. The fibers used will differ per skirt, and not one skirt will be the same.

The color "Natural" is the most popular and basic color.
● "White" is a bleached version of the natural and is the closest color to white available.
● Other colors are available for order and are used for performances, please inquire for colors not listed.

☆Fringe Skirt Details☆

□ Short Length: 51 cm
□ Long Length: 97 cm
【 WAIST SIZE 】 97 cm (Adjustable with waist string)

※ We do not accept returns or exchanges for this product.
※ Skirt fringes are all hand-dyed so the coloring can be different depending on when it was dyed.
For this reason we recommend ordering bulks at once for consistent coloring for Halau/group orders. 
If you would like to purchase a color not listed, we may be able to make it with a sample. Please inquire for more details.

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