COOK by HITOMI [ AKAHAI- Meringue Cookie ]

COOK by HITOMI [ AKAHAI- Meringue Cookie ]

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Limited COOK by HITOMI Snacks

With requests from our families YouTube channel, "Hawaii's Iizuka Family" we have decided to sell from local baker, COOK by HITOMI's snacks. All snacks are only available in a limited quantity which can delay shipping. Made with ingredients from the islands, all snack are not just yummy, but by buying a bag, you would be supporting a local small women-owned business ♡
Check out  " Hawaii's Iizuka Family" YouTube Channel for videos of Hawaii ☆

□ Meringue cookies with a Hawaiian twist! Includes 2 bags of 30 g for a total of 60 g.
※ We do our best to pack and ship this snack carefully, but some cookies may be broken during transit.

【NET WEIGHT】 2.1 oz. (60 g)
【ALLERGY WARNING】 Contains Macadamia Nuts & Egg

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